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Top 10 Oncology Solution Companies - 2020

With technological advancements, conventional cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy are falling behind, and people are seeking personalized cancer treatment options that provide a higher chance of recovery. Small, rapid rotations of various immunotherapies are now being offered to patients to identify effective person-specific treatment options. On this front, promising technology trends are being observed, including intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), targeted therapy, and streamlined immunotherapy drugs.

Unlike conventional radiation that causes significant damage to healthy tissues surrounding the cancerous cells, IMRT leverages advanced computer programs to calculate and produce radiation from different angles, causing less damage. Using IGRT, on the other hand, radiation doses are being regulated according to any movement or growth in the tumor. Surgeries to remove cancerous masses have also advanced with the use of robots, resulting in quick recovery, minimal scarring, and lower complications. At the same time, immuno-oncology therapies have proven to be promising. They are being used to treat a wide range of cancers, while targeted therapy is striving to generate a database of cancer patients with similar genetic profiles for future reference.

To this extent, a significant breakthrough in oncology today is the approval of precision oncology medicine—a guided therapy based on genomic biomarkers. Precision oncology has demonstrated promising treatment outcomes, and it can significantly impact the treatment of cancer. Besides, artificial intelligence (AI) has also been a game-changer in the realm of oncology in recent years.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of oncology treatment solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed oncology solution providers, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 oncology solution providers. The enlisted organizations are transforming oncology treatments at the intersection of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Oncology Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Oncology Solution Companies

  • Global leader in molecular dermatology, developing proprietary, non-invasive, adhesive patch to diagnose melanoma skin cancer in the early stage

  • GRYT Health is a digital health company and an oncology solution provider on a mission to move healthcare forward by increasing the survival rate of cancer patients and improving their quality of life. Through its global health platform and work with the top healthcare organizations, the company helps advance the treatment, care, and experience of those affected by it. They do this through opportunities for connection and learning, paired with research, marketing, and clinical trial services that put people and caregivers first

  • Mevion Medical Systems is a leading provider of proton therapy systems for use in radiation treatment for cancer patients. We invented compact proton therapy and are continuing to transform the industry and patient care with the MEVION S250 Series™. The MEVION S250 Series integrates our patented technology at the very forefront of proton therapy to deliver exceptional beam quality, industry-leading uptime, reduced system size and complexity, higher reliability and throughput, and lower capital and operating costs. Because of these advantages, more NCI-Designated Cancer Centers choose Mevion than any other proton therapy system provider

  • Navigating Cancer develops innovative technology solutions to improve oncology care. As the leading authority in oncology patient relationship management for the last decade, Navigating Cancer is focused on enabling personalized cancer care for every patient. The company works with thousands of cancer care providers across the country to find success as they shift to a value-based care model. Navigating Cancer provides a single, coordinated platform to deliver comprehensive cancer care for cancer patients.They engage with pharma companies and partners to ensure patients receive high quality care through data-driven insights and targeted resources.

  • Accuray


    Accuray is a radiation oncology company that develops, manufactures and sells precise, innovative tumor treatment solutions that set the standard of care with the aim of helping patients live longer, better lives. The company's leading-edge technologies deliver the full range of radiation therapy and radiosurgery treatments

  • Biocept


    Biocept is a molecular oncology diagnostics company specializing in biomarker analysis of circulating tumor associated DNA , both in Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and in plasma (cell free circulating tumor DNA. We utilize patented and innovative technologies to deliver clinically relevant oncology diagnostics to physicians by providing advanced prognostic and predictive assessments for guiding the course of treating patients. Additionally, we offer services to other laboratory testing providers, academic institutions, research organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, and clinical trial support

  • Flatiron Health

    Flatiron Health

    Flatiron Health’s mission is to improve lives by learning from the experience of every cancer patient. Please visit our website for our open positions. Flatiron Health’s mission is to improve lives by learning from the experience of every cancer patient. Please visit our website for our open positions. At Flatiron, we believe that learning from the experience of every cancer patient is an imperative — it is the key to accelerating research and continuing to improve the quality of care. What stands in the way is an overwhelming technology challenge: Much of the available, real-world clinical data is unstructured and stored across thousands of disconnected community clinics, medical centers and hospitals. It is a problem that we believe we can solve

  • IBA


    IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) is a global medical technology company focused on bringing integrated and innovative solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The company is the worldwide technology leader in the field of proton therapy, considered to be the most advanced form of radiation therapy available today. IBA’s proton therapy solutions are flexible and adaptable, allowing customers to choose from universal full-scale proton therapy centers as well as compact, single room solutions. In addition, IBA also has a radiation dosimetry business and develops particle accelerators for the medical world and industry. Headquartered in Belgium and employing about 1,500 people worldwide, IBA has installed systems across the world

  • iCAD


    iCAD is a global medical technology leader providing innovative cancer detection and therapy solutions. We work passionately to provide precise, powerful healthcare solutions expertly engineered to optimize operational efficiency, clinician confidence and patient outcomes. iCAD offers a comprehensive range of computer aided detection (CAD) and workflow solutions to support rapid and accurate detection of breast and colorectal cancers. iCAD's Xoft System delivers high dose rate, low energy radiation, utilizing electronic brachytherapy to provide expanded treatment options for a range of cancers

  • Oncology Analytics

    Oncology Analytics

    Oncology Analytics is a leading data analytics and technology-enabled services company dedicated to helping health plans, providers, and patients with solutions that are purpose-built for oncology. Through an evidence-based, real-world analytics approach to utilization management, Oncology Analytics’ prior authorization platform is used by physicians to support 5 million health plan members in the US and Puerto Rico and covers the full spectrum of therapeutics, across all cancer types and stages, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, precision medicine, targeted therapy, and supportive care. The extensive pathway library is continuously updated with the latest evidence-based protocols, which provides the most current options for value-based treatment paths for every patient case