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Cianna Medical: Powered by Merit Medical - Reducing the Burden of Breast Cancer through Innovation

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Will Irby, Franchise VP, Cianna Medical: Powered by Merit MedicalWill Irby, Franchise VP, Cianna Medical: Powered by Merit Medical
Many women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancers choose to have breast-conserving treatment, removing just cancer through a minimally invasive surgery instead of a mastectomy. Research has shown that long-term survival rates are the same.

The goal of breast-conserving surgery is to remove all detectable cancer cells. Precision in locating a tumor may increase the probability of complete cancer removal, which can help reduce the chances of needing a second surgery. If tumors are located accurately the first time, it is also more likely that any additional treatments can occur faster.

For many patients, the most dreaded aspect of surgery is the wire localization, used to locate the tumor. This requires patients, who are NPO (i.e. no food or drink before surgery), to have uncomfortable wires placed percutaneously on the same day, prior to their scheduled surgery.

Given the drawbacks involved in this traditional method of localizing tumors, many healthcare providers are opting for a new method with wire-free radar localization. Now, with the SCOUT® Radar Localization System, a tiny, passive reflector about the size of a grain of rice is placed at the tumor site at any time prior to surgery. On the day of the surgery, the surgeon uses the SCOUT system to activate the reflector. Aided by a signaling sound and real-time distance measurement, the surgeon can precisely locate and remove the tumor. For patients and their families, this new approach to cancer removal offers convenience and peace of mind.

Merit is continuing Cianna Medical’s mission to reduce the burden cancer places on women and their families

Cianna Medical, recently acquired by Merit Medical, developed the SCOUT system, which is the first to use highly sophisticated radar technology in human tissue, enabling advanced wire-free localization for patients undergoing breast conservation surgery.

“This innovative technology provides a better patient experience, scheduling flexibility for both patients and physicians, and real-time surgical guidance for better outcomes,” says Will Irby, Franchise Vice President, Merit Medical.

In addition to SCOUT, Merit offers a safe, low-toxicity alternative to traditional whole breast radiation therapy—SAVI® Brachytherapy. This strut-based, single entry approach to brachytherapy maximizes ease of use during placement while providing unparalleled radiation dose customization. SAVI Brachy uses catheters to deliver radiation directly to the lumpectomy site where the radiation is needed most, helping to spare surrounding healthy tissue. The catheters gently expand to fit the size and shape of the tumor cavity, and a tiny radiation seed travels through each catheter to deliver a precise dose of radiation, customized for the exact size, shape, and location of the patient’s tumor cavity. With SAVI Brachy, treatment is delivered over the course of 2 to 5 days, as opposed to the 3- to 6-week schedule used with whole breast radiation therapy.

With SCOUT, Merit is revolutionizing a standard of care for early-stage breast cancer care that has been in place for more than 40 years. Merit is quick to identify and respond to unmet needs in oncology, cardiology, radiology, critical care, and endoscopy, working with physicians and hospital staff to address their needs. With SCOUT and SAVI Brachy, Merit is helping hospitals, both large and small, to increase the efficiency of breast cancer treatment and improve the experience for patients. “Merit is continuing Cianna Medical’s mission to reduce the burden breast cancer places on women and their families,” says Irby.