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Arches Technology: Forging Better Patient-Provider Relationships

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Daniella Koren, CEO, Arches TechnologyDaniella Koren, CEO, Arches Technology
In the face of growing diseases and treatment discoveries, it is important for oncology healthcare personnel to provide health information to patients and caregivers that can be easily understood. Previously, when people wanted to learn about their conditions or needed to discuss their treatments and the doctors they were consulting with another person, they had to take it to public forums. As consumers started taking their healthcare matters into their own hands, there arose the need for a dynamic interaction between the patients and the physicians to learn as much as possible regarding their health conditions and the likely remedies.

This need to educate oncology patients concerning their conditions along with her passion for patient engagement, data-driven marketing, and analytics, spurred Daniella Koren to lay the foundation of ARCHES. The company is at the forefront of developing highly specialized, intelligent software products that empower oncology healthcare companies to deepen their relationship with patients and induce productive conversations with doctors. “We began working with pharma companies and designed sophisticated direct-to-patient email programs, which translated to our technology platform Keystone, the brain that powers the rest of our applications—including MyCareCompass,” says Daniella, the CEO of ARCHES.

ARCHES’ premier product, Keystone a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based software plaform, deploys information across six different channels and tracks the engagements on the backend.

The intelligent platform helps oncology healthcare providers educate their patients at the time of procedures, diagnostic tests, or treatment protocols in a smart way. “Keystone enables oncology healthcare companies to send patients condition-related information with the right content at the time they need it the most via their preferred channel,” states Daniella.

MyCareCompass is a digital oncology patient navigation application, which is integrated with electronic medical records platforms to optimize patient outreach and content delivery. The solution relieves clinical pain points by sending content through emails, text messages, or automated phone calls to prepare and educate patients pre- and post-treatment, ultimately improving their experience. MyCareCompass works in partnership with oncology care centers and captures their engagement data on the backend.

The portfolio of solutions that ARCHES delivers enhances provider-patient engagement and conveys information based on patient specifics and their stages in the treatment journey. One of ARCHES’ clients, a well-known healthcare provider, integrated MyCareCompass with their EMR platform leveraging the ARCHES methodology for improved patient involvement. Synchronizing their applications with Keystone facilitated automatic updates and dispatch of information to the patients helping them and the providers understand the treatment and procedures better. Patients who went through the MyCareCompass experience exhibited positive outcomes resulting in engagement rates that are five times the industry norms.

Being a tech-forward company, ARCHES is helping cancer centers digitize and curate their patient education to be able to provide “just in time” communication. The ARCHES team is under constant evolution to provide a state-of-the-art patient engagement experience and is en route to expand their existing modules, having launched an immunotherapy module recently. “We have received a great response from the oncology sector. As we focus on serving their market, we hear from customers wanting to divert their attention on the same as well,” remarks Daniella. The team is currently working on a patent-pending technology, ADA, which is a conjunction of Keystone with Watson AI to help customers optimize their communication content based on patient engagement.